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    animations in Flash to InDesign


      hello buddys !!


      I made a animation in Flash CS5.5 and I wanna put it in InDesign CS5.5 .. I'm creating a magazine for iPad .. and I'm thinking to put some animations inside the magazine .. thats why I used Flash to create the animations !

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          You can´t use any Flash/SWF content in iPad, it simply doesn´t work there because Apple´s mobile devices don´t have support for Flash.... any kind of support at all.

          You have to convert your animation to html5 and import that format to your iPad magazine by using html/web-view tools which you can probably find from any iPad magazine production tool.


          You have couple of options how you can proceed. You can try to use Adobe´s free Wallaby converter from Adobe Labs.

          Or another choise is Google´s Swiffy which you can now install as a plugin to your Flash. It converts ActionScript2 timeline animations really nicely to html5.

          I have tried with only eDocker Tablet Pubisher´s Add html-content tool and there it worked like a charm. I guess it will work with Adobe DPS`s web-view as well.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            In addition to Petteri's comments, there is a dedicated DPS forum. Please post followup questions there.