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    after effects and gladiators


      Me and my friends are trying to make a short film about gladiators. I'm not sure how to make it look like a gladiator arena beinds for green screening it. Should I make a 3D model of an arena in blender and then use that in the background? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First suggestion: Storyboard.


          Pre-production planning is the key to pulling this kind of thing off. Integrating a 3D background (virtual set) from Blender is a fairly good idea, but you're going to have to plan the camera angles, the camera moves (they should be very limited) and other factors. Take a look at this old YouTube video. It will give you some ideas.



          Given enough pre-production planning and enough time you can do amazing things with a 3D app, a simple camera, and After Effects. Notice the lack of camera movement in this piece. Notice also the masking. You'll need to learn Keying, Masking, Rotoscope, layering, blend modes, and how to match Blender and AE's cameras.

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            thanks!! sorry for the late response