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    Revert dynamic link to clips

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      Ok, so I'm pretty angry right now.  Pr and Ae normally don't have any problems.  My question:  is there a way to revert to clips after dynamically linking to Ae.  Now before you guys go all Ctrl-Z on me here's the problem.


      After I had linked a clip into a comp in Ae, I was attempting to use a plugin and Ae completely dumped... without allowing me to save a copy.  however, I had JUST saved my Pr project after linking...  Premiere started getting all stupid so I closed that as well and just went for a fresh start.  What I have now is a Pr project with a linked clip and an Ae project without a corresponding comp.


      As it stands now I just need to delete the linked clips and cut the clips I was originally using in that sequence.  This is a PITA because it was relatively complex with a multicam sequence underneath.  I really don't want to do this again.  Halp?