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    In CS5.5, copying text makes app try to launch old document

    Av8rdan Level 1

      I am an old hack at IDD, but a newbie at CS5.5 so this is a bit wierd. I was in a document I created in October, and tried to copy a paragraph of text. When I hit "copy" Indesign CS5.5 tried to open a old doc from February, 2011. The dialog box showint it trying toopen appears and vanishes over and over, the old document never opens. I am 99.999% sure there is no way I linked the text from the old doc, but I could have copied from there and pasted in the newer doc. But I also used that exact same copy block in numerous docs...so it baffles me why trying to copy the text inside the text box from a doc mad ein October 2011 launches a doc made in Feb 2011. Hope that is clear enough.