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    Cant Stop Flash Page from flashing repeatedly (making website)


      Well first off here is my script so far on the page:




      Using Pastie to keep amount of text on thread low to make things easier to read.


      Here are the errors I get everytime I try to debug or Test Movie:





      Here is the fla file:




      Also maybe if you can help a bit with it heres the check list that this is graded on. Also no I am not trying to make you guys do my work for me its just he gave us this project but I have been at work (17) and unable to finish it at all. Please help I dont want  a bad GPA this ending semester.

      http://s3.amazonaws.com/edmodo/Slough/checklist2.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=0CRWCTVCWB17SQPJGB82&E xpires=1321850730&Signature=XebyjmJdAN41LxokZVOWySCQWLE%3D


      If you know how to fix the problems if you could please fix them an upload them back and send it.

      I have been working on figuring this out all weekend an cant get it still.

      If you are able to help thanks so much because I have to go to bed right now an turn this project in for school tommorow and I really want an A otherwise I will get a F for final semester.

      The project is also due tommorow:(


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          You have your actionscript pasted into three different places. You only need the one at the bottom of your timeline in the Actions layer. Remove the others.


          You have two sets of frame markers, one set in the Pages layer, which is correct and a second set in the menu layer where each frame is labeled "page". Get rid of those markers.


          Extend the frames in the Actions layer to match the rest of the movie. Get rid of the extra keyframes in the background layer.

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