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    Cant Stop Flash Page from flashing repeatedly (making website)


      Well first off here is my script so far on the page:




      Using Pastie to keep amount of text on thread low to make things easier to read.


      Here are the errors I get everytime I try to debug or Test Movie:





      Here is the fla file:




      Also maybe if you can help a bit with it heres the check list that this is graded on. Also no I am not trying to make you guys do my work for me its just he gave us this project but I have been at work (17) and unable to finish it at all. Please help I dont want  a bad GPA this ending semester.

      http://s3.amazonaws.com/edmodo/Slough/checklist2.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=0CRWCTVCWB17SQPJGB82&E xpires=1321850730&Signature=XebyjmJdAN41LxokZVOWySCQWLE%3D


      If you know how to fix the problems if you could please fix them an upload them back and send it.

      I have been working on figuring this out all weekend an cant get it still.

      If you are able to help thanks so much because I have to go to bed right now an turn this project in for school tommorow and I really want an A otherwise I will get a F for final semester.

      The project is also due tommorow:(