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    converting javascript variable to coldfusion

    torstenp Level 1
      I am running a form that submits data via the cf ajax to a .cfc file --
      when it returns to the calling page -- i turn the forms into text and remove the form fields.
      the problem is i run the statement:
      document.getElementById("PROGRAM_TYP").innerHTML = document.myform.PROGRAM_TYP.value;

      most of the items submitted are just text values and the value of the form field is the actual display text which then populates correctly.
      in this case -- the form field is a select where and ID is used -- so when i go to populate the <td> with the submitted value -- it only puts in the ID (as this was the actual submitted value)

      i am trying to take this submitted value and resolve the ID back to the display value and use this value in place of the document.myform.PROGRAM_TYP.value

      what i need to be able to do is convert the document.myform.PROGRAM_TYP.value into something i can plug into CFQUERY.
      or use the <cfreturn> to return and catch a specific variable.
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          samunplugged Level 1
          It seems you need to change the value of id attribute of <option> tags.

          Can you try removing the id attribute from select? Or use such values for id attribute that can be used in the action page

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            torstenp Level 1
            i think i used the wrong wording in my original question.
            the ID i was referring to was the database ID value
            like query of:
            ID NAME
            1 Red
            2 Blue
            3 Green

            in my select statement -- the ID is the value that is submitted by the form and held in the database. (not the ID of an html tag).
            so when the form is submitted - i have the value but not the database resolved value of that field.
            for instance the form value was 2, the code places 2 into the corresponding database field. but i want to now display the value of 2 in clear text as 'Blue' -- i am trying to do this via a query that was run and have the result passed from the cfc to the webpage to populate the innerHTML value
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              John Spillman
              How about using another Hidden input field that is bound to the value you select and looks up its value as you select 1, 2, or 3.

              <cfselect name="select_color">
              <option value="1 Red">1 Red</option>
              <cfinput type="hidden" name="hidden_color" bind="cfc:cfc_filename.method_name({select_color})" />

              Your method in your CFC would have to return the query value of Red if select_color was selected as 1 Red, then you could use the document.formName.hidden_color.value in your javascript.