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    Why is invisible content blocking buttons?

    asiabackpacker Level 1

      This is an issue I've never experienced until now. I don't know if it's an AS3 thing, or a Flash 10 thing, both of which I don't work in frequently..... (usually, I'm working in Flash 8, and AS2 for most of my projects)


      Basically, when I have invisible content over a button in my flash movie, the button no longer works. Anyone have any idea why this would be happening, and how to fix it? Like I said, it's something that's never been an issue before.


      Where it shows up is when I want to make a piece of content visible over a button when the user mouses over the button, so the piece of content would start over the button with its alpha set to 0. I would typically change the visibility of the object I want to make visible when the button is rolled over. But now when that object is over my button at 0 opacity, the button no longer works....and again, I've never had this be an issue before...


      Can anyone shed some light here?