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    Premiere Pro CS5 Not Responding / Not Opening / Audio Mixer Issue?


      Please assist.


      I have been editing 300GB of 10bit AVI footage with no problems. Recently I have had to record additional voice over which I have done through the audio card using Premier Pros Audio mixer and it appears this is where the problem may be occurring.


      The Project has been set up onto three drives:

      I am running the .prproj / project files off one 2TB drive and the video & audio assets on an additional 2TD drive, premier pro & the operating system is on a separate drive. I have no anti virus running or any other resource hungry programs.

      PC specs:

      Intel Core i7 2600 3.4Ghz Quad

      16GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 560 1GB


      I resave the project after each change and it appears that the edits that have the audio recordings eg: 5 different projects will not open. The projects that don't have the audio recordings open with no problems.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or come across similar problems when using the Audio Mixer?