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    Ifilter 10.1.1 does not work?

    Teo Wei Min



      I've recently installed adobe reader 10.1.1. This comes with an ifilter dll for pdf files. I'm trying to use this ifilter in my software to read the contents of PDF files. It used to work fine with version 9.x and lower ifilters. (I'm testing this on Windows 7 x86.)


      The ifilter seems to work fine for the built in windows search.


      I then downloaded the MS ifilter test suite and tried to test the ifilter usign the filtdump tool, which uses the ILoadFilter::LoadIFilter method to load the Ifilter DLL appropriate for the specified file name extension and prints the results. This works fine and says it's using IPersistStream.


      However, in my sofware, I'm getting an error at the LoadIFilter API, which returns E_NOTIMPL error.


      Does the 10.1.1 ifilter work? Does it have IPersistFile interface implemented? (Running Ifilter Explorer suggests thatIPersistFile is implemented and not IPersistStream. However, this seems to contradict the ifiltdump test.)


      I would like to know how can fix this error and successfully extract the contents from PDF files via ifilter 10.1.1? Also, what is different about this version compared to the 9.x versions that work?


      Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help or ideas on how to fix this.