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    Multiple masking of an object .


      Hello Friends,

      Currently, I am stuck with a problem and I seriously need your help on this. I am building an application where I have taken two border containers. The upper container contains button for drawing a triangle. The lower boarder container is where the figures are drawn dynamically.

      Upon clicking the triangle button-> I click on the lower border container and on down click the dynamic ( means when the mouse down click is ON, the triangle is formed and upon dragging the mouse, the size of the triangle starts increasing till the mouse down click is released) triangle is formed.

      Now when I created a triangle on the upper region of the lower border container, the triangle is masked ( I constructed a mask container for that triangle object before the launch of application so that the mask container is drawn under the lower border container ( the container on which the triangle is drawn)) and the portion of the triangle is not visible on the upper border container. Upon drawing many triangles, the masking property seems to fail and the masked portion of some triangles appears on the upper border container. Kindly provide a solution to this problem….Thanks in advance…Cheers!!!