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    SDI Capture




      I am using Premiere Pro 5.5. I have a BMD Decklink HD Extreme 3D+ Capture card, drivers are Design Desktop Video 8.2


      I use the card to capture SD-SDI to import and edit. This sequence then gets exported into Encore and burnt as a DVD.


      The image viewed on the DVD is always quite 'soft'. The imported image is primarily PowerPoint coming to the capture card via a Vision Mixer. Text becomes really blurred and almost unreadable.


      If i bypass the capture card and view the image on a monitor it looks fine, so i know the PC/Mixer chain is OK. When i hit F5 and start a capture, the image is fed through the card to a monitor and looks fine.


      If i create a sequence from a PP Bars/Tone or counter, then add the imported file, i burn a disc with really clear Bars and counter, then a blurry captured image.


      I probably need to provide heaps more info for anyone to give me an answer of any form but can anyone help as to what my issue might be?



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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          "Heaps more info" would be helpful... not being familiar with all the equipment you mentioned (primarily the Vision mixer), I'm not certain that what I'm suggesting will be applicable, but here's my solution to working with PPT...


          Open the PPT file, click "Save As" and choose "TIFF" and tell it to save all slides. Then just import your tiff files as images and line them up over your finished video (I'm assuming you're doing a multi-camera shoot of a conference, and one input to your mixer is the computer) where they belong.


          It's definitely more work, but I've noticed it's the best way to get quality results out of PPT material.


          I'm guessing that it's so bad because of a mis-match in the computer's display output and the settings on the system... perhaps the computer is sending an output that doesn't quite match up with the settings and PrPro's having trouble forcing it to match.

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            sp101010 Level 1

            Hi David,


            Thanks for this.


            I have used this method with PPT, albeit with mixed results. I've exported them from PPT as jpg, png and tiff.


            My problem is i have a really tight time frame to clean up the archive, do a few titles, do 500 dupicates and give back to the client. This prohibits the importing of slides seperately. As you mentioned the show will involve PPT, camera's, fottage playback and live camera's PIP'd into PPT slides. Not something i want to reproduce post show.


            The capture card is fed from a Panasonic HS400 vision mixer which at the end of the day just supplies an SD-SDI feed. The Black Magic card should recive the SDI and capture it. It does but looks bad. The PC feeds into the mixer at 1280x768. This shoudlnt chnage much as the mixer is feeding SD-SDI at 576i


            Im sure the problem lies within the capture settings or the card settings.



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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              Yeah, you’re probably right… unfortunately I know there have been quite a

              few issues with PrPro and BMD products (though I don’t know about this

              particular one) so perhaps your problem lies there. I assume you have all

              the latest updates for both PrPro and your BMD drivers?

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                sp101010 Level 1

                BMDcapture.pngHi again. Ive added this pic to try and better describe my issue with the 'soft' image. Bars and Tone or counter - nice tight edges. Captured files - looks like this.