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    Creating booklet: Should image files from illustrator be in PDF format??

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      Good morning,


      Over the weekend i got thinking about a image booklet i am looking to create. Despite being a newbie, i feel as though i have made great strides in becoming familiar with both Indesign and Illustrator.


      Having created artwork in Illustrator i am trying to determine the best format for placing my images into Indesign.


      What i have been expecting to do is to convert the Illustrator files into pdf's and then placing these into my Indesign template. This is what i have been doing on my drafts. Seems there is no quality loss, however i am worried about the size of the file since it is predominatley image based.


      I have no need to edit the link once i have finished the artwork in Illustrator IMHO.


      Please bear in mind this is booklet is being sent to a commercial printers and being printed on a litho.


      Could any of the wise sages on these forums guide me?


      Kind Regards,