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    problem with asyncToken and flash player 11

    pbesi Level 1


      I'm working with an asyncToken object . It's work fine with flash player 10.x

      If I work with flash player 11 ( is doesn't work.


      Debugging the code, I see that during an asynctoken object creation, the remote method doesn't start. In details:



      var asyncToken:AsyncToken = personaService.loadAllPersona("", "", "", "fff", 0, 30);


      The loadAllPersona method (it is java method) doesn't start if my flex application runs with flash player 11, while with flash player 10 it starts and I get all the remote data.


      Is there anyone who has any idea? Is it a bug?

      Follows my mxm  code:



      <rubrica:PagedList id="pagedList" pageSize="30" length="1000" loadItemsFunction="loadItems"/>
                          <s:AsyncListView id="asyncListView" list="{pagedList}" createPendingItemFunction="onItemPending"/>


      and my AS code:



      private function loadItems(list:IList, start:uint, count:uint):void
                                              var asyncToken:AsyncToken = personaService.loadAllPersona("", "", "", "fff", 0, 30);
                                              asyncToken.addResponder(new AsyncResponder(function result(event:ResultEvent, token:Object = null):void {
                                                        var v:Vector.<Object> = new Vector.<Object>();
                                                        for each (var i:Object in event.result)
                                                        pagedList.storeItemsAt(v, token as int);
                                              }, function fault(event:FaultEvent, token:Object = null):void {
                                              }, start));


      My SDK is 4.5.1 but I get the same problem with 4.5


      Thank you