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    Using .msp to update Reader X to 10.1.1


      I've always just grabbed the newest .msi I can find but for this update there isn't a full .msi.


      I've checked against the table here http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/888/cpsid_88814.html that is often linked to - I have AdbeRdr1010_en_US.msi and AdbeRdrUpd1011.msp


      I also have the admin guide PDF.


      The PDF tells me to run msiexec /a base.msi /p patch.msp - if I point that at a share, it fills it with files but no msi. The msi I launched from is altered, and still big enough to contain the full install, but it doesn't run and complains about transforms... So that's no good.


      I've also seen advice that says you should build an AIP from the base MSI first, then run the msi from the AIP with /p {patch filename}. (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3472914) That makes sense, but when I try to run the msi afterwards it says transforms could not be applied, similar to the above.


      Both are fresh files from the Adobe FTP site, I've kept copies so I can start fresh each time. Where am I going wrong with the patching process?


      (And why can't we just have a full .msi to deploy?)