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    Adobe Presenter Multi Language Publishing Support?

    Ajit Danve


      I have a requirement where I wanted to convert the English course into the following 26 languages:


      1. Arabic  
      2. Chinese (Simplified)  
      3. Chinese (Traditional)  
      4. Croatian  
      5. Czech  
      6. Dutch  
      7. Finnish  
      8. French (Europe)  
      9. German (Germany)   
      10. Greek   
      11. Hindi  
      12. Hungarian  
      13. Indonesian  
      14. Italian  
      15. Japanese  
      16. Korean  
      17. Polish  
      18. Portuguese (Brazil)  
      19. Romanian  
      20. Russian  
      21. Slovakian  
      22. Spanish (Europe)  
      23. Spanish (Latin America)  
      24. Swedish  
      25. Thai  
      26. Turkish


      Can you please let me know, if it is possible to do that in Adobe Presente(Any version will work), and how? Dose Presenter supports publishing in all these languages?

      Ajit Danve
      Sr Developer
      Aptara, Pune.






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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The player skin carries text for: German, English, French, Spanish (Spain), Itialian, Dutch, Chinese (simplified), Japaniese, Korean, Poruguese (Brazil), Russian and Turkish. These text lables will display based on the OS language setting of the viewer. You could modify any of these text lables to be in any other language, and, if you are adept enough, could possibly modify the file that holds the text lables and the XML that calls to it to have additional text.


          However, for the content of your PPT and the audio associated with it, you would need to have someone or something do that conversion for you. Traditionally called globalization, there are a number of groups that do it out there. Feel free to PM me if you want info on the group we use.