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    SeriesInterpolate Duration Problem


      Hi, I hope this is the correct place for my question. I'm using SeriesInterpolate effect to show my line chart data. I have a 4 second-long data, I have 500 points for one second and in total I have 2000 points. I want my users to be able see this data as 4 parts * 1 sec, 2 parts * 2 secs and 1 part * 4 secs. I mean they should be able to select durations. When I change the duration it doesn't work as I expect. The code can be seen below:




      The problem is, the program starts with the 4 secs duration. Click play, effect starts. Then changing duration to 1 sec, first 1-sec part immediately starts playing as I expect. But the time passes between this part and next part is nearly 4 secs while it must be around 1 sec. Effect starts to play correctly after 2nd part not 1st. I doesn't matter you change from 4-to-2, 4-to1 or 2-to-1, the first part's data is correct but duration is not, it waits as long as the previous duration.


      Please tell me what is the problem in my code.