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    Can I edit a PE9 project in PE10?

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I am halfway through a big edit in PE9


      I'm considering buying PE10


      Can I continue editing my project in PE10 or do I have to start all over again?


      Anyone tried it?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Generally, we recommend against opening an old version project in a new version of the program.It can lead to all sorts of buggy behavior and corruption.


          But version 9 and 10 seem to be close enough that you can usually open a version 9 project in version 10 with no problems (though the converse is NOT true). But I'd recommend keeping a copy of the version 9 project file just case.

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            flyingfish4 Level 1

            I'm wondering about purchasing Premiere Elements 10, but am trying to future-proof myself as well.


            When you upgrade from an older version of Premiere Elements to a newer version, does it wipe out the older version?


            If so, does it make sense to just buy the full version instead of upgrading. 


            Would this allow me to keep both the older program as well as the newer program?


            That way I could open older projects in the version they were created in so they won't be corrupted?


            Is there a way to XML the projects or timelines out of Premiere elements so they will open in Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or Avid if I later switch to one of those programs?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Already answered that question in your other post, fish.


              Please don't post the same question in more than one thread. It's very confusing! Thanks.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I agree with Steve. While the ultimate workflow is to finish a Project in the version, in which it was started, usually going UP one version will work OK. One thing to think about will be with some included 3rd party Effects/Transitions, like NewBlue FX, as one version might not have the exact same set, as the next version - those rather come and go a bit. Just something to think about, but with a straight-forward Project, it should work fine. I would NEVER overwrite the PrE 9 Project, and would do a Save_As from PrE 9, so that you basically have a copy of the PREL file, and use that copy to Open in PrE 10.


                As one can have several versions of PrE coexisting, I would keep PrE 9 around, just as a backup. IIRC, one users/contributor, ATR, has about every version from PrE 4.0 through PrE 10, and I do not think that he's had any issues.


                Good luck,




                PS - In your case, going UP in versions, and only one, at that, is usually OK, but problems usually do arise, if one tries to go DOWN, say a PrE 10 Project to PrE 9. Some have been able to do that, but there are usually issues, if the Project will even Open.

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                  flyingfish4 Level 1

                  Thanks Steve and Bill.  Sorry for the double post.  Will watch that.


                  Very helpful.