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    debug event prevent opening of project




      Suddenly i am not able to open my project. A "debug event" appears:


      Premiere Elements has encountered an error.



      Its importent for me to open this project.


      It worked without problems with the 30-days test version of premier elements. After buying the software, this problem suddenly appears.


      why? And how can i fix it?


      akka heima

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          PRE_help Adobe Employee

          1. Download perl from this link

          2. Open cmd prompt

          3. Run this command from there

            perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" damaged.prel >working.prel

          4. Please specify the path for the prel files that cause the issue in place of the text “damaged.prel” and "working.prel"

          5. Reopen the project and check if it works..



          Premiere Elements Team

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            akkaheima Level 1

            Thanks for quick reply.

            I did as you said and i am not that sure writing in cmd promt.

            It couldnt open the directory or file and i tried different ways of writing it.

            Here an exampel: (by the way, the last line in cmd starts with C:\Users\tillsammen>)


            C:\Users\tillsammen>perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" \Document\.....\My Project2.prel

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              PRE_help Adobe Employee

              Try entering this in the cmd prompt

              "C:\Users\tillsammen>perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" \Document\.....\My Project2.prel > \Document\.....\My Project2_corrected.prel"

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                akkaheima Level 1

                No, it didnt work neither.

                After entering i receive: The system couldnt find the path.

                I check the path and it should be ok.


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                  akkaheima Level 1

                  Finally i got it! Thanks a lot!

                  I saved the file on another place (:D\ instead of :C\Documents) and changed the notation for the file (without space between "my" and "project".

                  Then everything worked fine in cmd!


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                    I'm French and I have just purchased Adobe first item 10 I had read on the forums that there were many problems with bugs, but I thought since the time it was all resolved.
                    I have exactly the same problem almost systematically on each project
                    "Error Keyframe.h-142" (Windows 7 64 bit, 10 brand new Premiere Elements)
                    all the solutions mentioned above can do that again open the project but somehow everything has to be redone because three-quarters of transitions or zoomable pictures no longer work, I have missed days of work will you finally find a reliable solution to this problem?

                    Thank you in advance


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      It may not be possible to do without more information, FD.


                      Please start a new topic for your question instead of tagging onto this very old one.


                      Be sure to tell us what model of camcorder your video is coming from and what format and resolution it is. And, if you are using photographs, make sure that they are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size.


                      Also make sure that your new computer is updated to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and that you've manually gone to Windows Update to ensure you have even the non-critical updates.


                      You should also ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.com, per the program's requirements.


                      But please do start a new topic for your question so that it doesn't get lost at the end this thread.

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                        creaphicweb Level 1

                        I work full HD video vien a Nikon D800

                        But the photos are in very high definition (So the problem may just be


                        Thank you, I'll try






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                          VDOSurfer Level 3

                          From what I have read and understood about this error (keyframe.h-142 error) I can assure you that the error is not because of the contents of your timeline. It has more got to do with how Adobe writes the project files. The prel file. That is the one that gets corrupt and there have been umpteen attempts to correct it through a script, a webpage, manually replace some entries etc. but nothing has a 100% fix for all the projects encountered.


                          We just have to pray that Adobe understands this and provides a fix. It is upto them alone to fix. The only thing I see common in all the cases that I have read through in various forums is that the machine language/installation language is not English. One of the forums was a Premiere Pro forum and there was one post that was 4 years old. So it just seems that it is a problem that Adobe knows but just does not Want to fix/ or know how to fix. Thet should certainly be aware of this. Hope they are because this thread is only growing in all the forums and in Premiere Elements' case it has only surfaced in the latest release, PrE10.


                          So to summarize, this is my understanding:

                          1. Only seen in Non-English

                          2. Been there a long time - (4+ years in Premiere Pro and ~6 months in Premiere Elements)

                          3. Happens in Premiere Pro (so PrE is not the only product affected).

                          4. Only project file gets corrupt (because recovery on this alone has worked for some)

                          5. Has something to do with a comma (,) and dot (.) separator in the project file

                          6. Happened in some cases where a previous version project was opened.

                          7. Some say it happened aftyer a render was done and project reopened in the same version.

                          8. No common steps in any of the reports thus far, to get to this error.


                          If I were you, I would just complete the process and log a bug in their database and wait for Adobe to finally hear us..


                          My mistake - Premiere Elements has also thrown this error 5 years back!!

                          http://www.clubic.com/forum/logiciel-multimedia/bug-dans-adobe-premiere-elements-id404804- page1.html


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                            creaphicweb Level 1

                            I totally agree with you, since the time that this problem and known,

                            Adobe disappoint me a lot


                            Thank you for your response



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Great research!


                              I would guess that there might be a few explanations for why the Bug has not been fixed in either PrE, or PrPro:


                              1. The Bug is so random, that Adobe engineers have yet to isolate the cause with 100% certainty
                              2. The "fix" cannot be found
                              3. The "fix" that has been found breaks something else
                              4. The "fix" is just too expensive in terms of resources to re-code
                              5. Adobe is just mean...


                              OK, I added that last one for the humor value, as I do not believe it for a moment. There could also be other factors at play, and the above are pure speculation on my part.


                              You mention the comma vs period, and I have seen other issues with those two characters, and their multi-national use. Same with the colon vs semi-colon in TimeCode. Those can cause errors with Sub-titles. NTSC TimeCode uses the semi-colon, where PAL uses the colon. Not sure why the difference, but that goes way, way back in video time.


                              Thanks for sharing your research.