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    faults in e-bookes


      Some of my e-bookes show an information: Document conteins a resource which is too long or The document appears to have minor errors that might cause it to be displayed incorectly. 


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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          There could be a number of causes.  You haven't given us any information

          about your situation, so I can guess, but that's what it is.  I mean no

          'preaching', but let me outline some of the areas where a 'problem' could



          Industry standards for epublications have a basic level of features that

          all ebook publishers and distributors will meet.  Some will go farther than

          others, and some will have proprietary features that will restrict the way

          that ebooks are used.  Amazon is the most visible of these, linking its

          Kindle ereaders to their website by using proprietary coding in their



          The ebook itself is prepared by the publisher, and is supposed to be done

          to the basic standard for the industry, so every one's ereader or computer

          software will display it properly.  However, they may add some features

          that go beyond the basics, which allow certain ereaders to do additional

          things, like varying the text size and reformatting pages when displayed if

          those features are built into the ereader software.


          The software you use to move and display the ebook also should be working

          according to the industry standard.  However, as with any software, there

          are levels of that standard, and not all ebook display software will

          display all features.


          Ereaders themselves also should be able to display the text of an ebook

          according to the standards, but all of them seem to have different

          'features' that may not work 'according to standard'.  This is particularly

          true of the lower level of ereaders coming from China and being sold here

          with an odd name.


          The industry is morphing all the time, and new devices such as tablets come

          out with software that says it will let you read ebooks, but doesn't tell

          you how to do that.


          So, I don't know what type of device you're using to read ebooks, but I

          assume from your comments that it says it will read the basic industry

          standard ebooks.  However, from what you've said, I'll guess that either

          the ereader or the software that you use on the erader (tablet, for

          example) doesn't support some of the features that are embedded in the text

          of the ebook - or isn't working correctly with the 'standard industry

          text'.  This could be the fault of the ereader or the publisher who

          composed the ebook.


          If you repost and give us more information about your ereader, maybe we can

          be a bit more specific.