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    Compiler Errors 1 - but nothing in panel!

    Matt Matt Matt!

      Trying to compile an FLA that has not been changed since it was last compiled. The backup also wont compile either.



      I'm getting this in my Output panel...


      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable UILoader is not defined.

      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable ComponentShim is not defined.



      In the Compiler Error panel, I see blank, but in the grey strip it says

      "Total ActionScript Errors: 1, Reported Errors 1"



      ...so how do I find out where the error is to fix it? There are LOTS of controls in this project, and taking all the components out and re-creating them would take days.


      Please can anyone offer any help?




      Edit: I have checked the compiler errors panel is working by typing nonsense into the script - when I do this, I get an error message for the appropriate line, and double-clicking it takes me to the error. I don't know how to check the functionality beyond this.