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    [Flex 4.5.1] TextInput in a pop up doesn't display its promptDisplay ? Bug or a FocusManager issue ?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      As it seems the FocusManager is null of a TextInput which is in a pop up ---> causes wrong skin state of the TextInput - normal istead of normalWithPrompt and so the promptDisplay is not shown as it should. The question is how do I properly set the FocusManager of the TextInput so it is not null when in a pop up? When the TextInput is not in a pop up it works perfectly...


      The pop up is set like this:


      <s:PopUpAnchor id="popUpAnchor" left="20" right="0" top="0" bottom="0"



              <s:Group id="dropDown">


                     <s:TextInput id="otherPhoneTI" width="100" height="23"

                                              prompt="Enter phone number" />





      I add the pop up using the DropDownController like this:


      dropDownController = new DropDownController();

      dropDownController.openButton = openButton;

      dropDownController.dropDown = dropDown;

      dropDownController.addEventListener(DropDownEvent.OPEN, dropDownController_openHandler);

      dropDownController.addEventListener(DropDownEvent.CLOSE, dropDownController_closeHandler);


              private function dropDownController_openHandler(event:DropDownEvent):void


                  callButtonView.popUpAnchor.displayPopUp = true;



              private function dropDownController_closeHandler(event:DropDownEvent):void


                  callButtonView.popUpAnchor.displayPopUp = false;