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    ExtendScript Toolkit CS5: Can't see Indesign CS5 in the application list?

    hstoessel Level 1

      Windows 7




      I start Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS5. There is a list with the installed and supported Adobe applications, but I miss Indesign CS5 in this list. E.g. I can see Indesign CS5.5, Indesign Server CS5 and a few other applications, but not Indesign CS5. On another PC I can see all applications.


      What is wrong?

      Why is this application missing?

      What can I do?


      I have installed a few Adobe applications, e.g. Indesign, Indesign Server and InCopy (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 of all applications (debug and release)).


      Thanks for the help.