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    Removing water marks


      Hi, my father and I are trying to restore an old video he made back in the 1950s or so. It has these black line water marks like you see in the old black and white movies all over the video at times.

      Is there a way to clear up the image from these black lines popping out using Adobe After Effects?

      Also, is there a convenient way to do subtitles?


      We presently own Adobe After Effects CS5.5, Premiere Pro 2.0, Photoshop CS5.


      Thanks and I look forward to any reply!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may be able to minimize them but I'd have to see a few frames to tell. Can you put a few sample seconds up so we can see them? Film restoration can be a painfully tedious process.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            Subtitles or captions? Big difference and the path you take depends largely on your relase media. If you're going to DVD, you can burn them in permanently or allow the viewer to switch them in or out or to supply muliple languages.


            There is a valid argument among convervators for leaving orginal or archival material exactly as it is. Restoring an image is not the same as altering it. Case in point, you've already transferred your film to a video format, giving up trtemendous tonal range and possibly cropping it dramatically.