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    Various replies to fields in forms need numerous validations by humans, how?




      I need to know if FormsCentral would be ideal for the following tasks in order to recommend it to my employer.


      1. Our meetings are planned in advance, with general and individual information.

      2. Our colleagues have to fill in a request (form?) to go ahead with the meeting, giving such details as countries invited, number of participants, exact location, conditions of travel, expenses allowed, etc.

      3. The information filled in point 2. needs to be validated by various supervisors, each giving approval to the part concerned in the form (for example, budget colleagues, travel colleagues, logistics colleagues, head of Department, head of the head of department, so on and so forth).

      4. Once the details and approval processes are done, a form needs to be generated for online registration by the participants to this event.

      5. Each participant that has registered is going to be the subject of a vetting process by a number of our colleagues before being allowed into the meeting (training colleagues, subject colleagues, evaluation colleagues, head of training, head of head of training, so on and so forth).

      6. Each selected participant will need to receive documentation.

      6. A number of colleagues will go to the meeting and service it.

      7. Colleagues will have to fill in some sort of debriefing form on return to headquarters

      8. Participants who (a) have registered prior to the meeting, (b) have attended the meeting, will need to fill in a presence sheet to lead to a participant's list, an evaluation sheet, etc., they will also need to receive attendance certificates and any follow-up quizzes or evaluations some months after their participation in the meeting.

      9. There are 400 meetings a year for which we need statistics for all the meetings, their attendance, unit costs, who went where, what sex, what level of meeting, what subject of meeting, etc. Expected attendance for 400 meetings can be around 9000-10000 people per year.

      10. There are follow-up meetings the year after, where such participants may or not be contacted to participate again (or not), at the same time as another fresh load of about 400 meetings.


      The basic data on the meetings are contained in an Excel Sheet and in a huge database. The bureaucracy above is presently done in part on paper and in part direct in the database. Subsequently all the information collected is entered into our database. We now need a computerised external solution for the handling of this bureaucracy. The interaction between the colleagues and the forms, and between the registrants and the forms, need to be the simplest possible.


      Will the FormsCentral system be the adequate tool for:


      - points 1-10

      - imports/exports - handshaking - between forms and our database?

      - please explain in detail if possible how FormsCentral can help.


      Many thanks indeed for any help.