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    Flash EULA comes up in Arabic


      When I try to download Flash 11 to use with Mac OS 10.7.2, I get the DMG successfully. Then I double-click on the installer and it comes up with a link to the license. This link is (http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/#flash_player). I then click on the license link (http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/pdfs/PlatformClients_PC_WWEULA-MULTI-20110809_1357.pdf). This downloads and comes up in Preview -- in what looks to me like Arabic.


      I tried the same with Flash 10.3 and again got a document in Arabic. Now Arabic is only slightly less comprehensible to me than English/Legalese, but clearly something has gone wrong. Arabic is down near the bottom of my language choices in System Preferences. I've done a web search, and come across one other report of this (without any useful responses), so i assume it's fairly rare. Any clue about whether it's safe to proceed (I don't want Flash itself to come up in Arabic) or how to find the English/Legalese version would be helpful.

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          Solved. The page actually contains EULA's in many languages, with the English one a long way down. The file contains bookmarks for the languages, but in Apple's Preview, the Table of Contents does not come up by default. After selecting "Table of Contents" from the View menu, I could quickly find the English one.


          It's a bad move on Adobe's part to assume that the bookmark sidebar will come up when the document is opened. Not everyone reads PDF files with Adobe Reader or Acrobat. I've seen a few complaints about the "Arabic EULA" and really am surprised I haven't seen more.