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    Adobe Reader X freezes


      I have adobe reader X on my computer and everytime I go to open a PDF the program freezes and I have to use task manager to shut down the program.  Can you help me with this problem?



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          Basil1938 Level 1

          When I finally got an Adobe tech support person to talk to me, he said it'd cost $39 for on phone advice and I should go tohttp://forums.adobe.com/thread/886700, which I did and it says this is a common problem and offers some user ideas on fixes, chief among them disabling "protected mode" in general preferences.  Some forum participants said this worked; it hasn't yet for me, but I'm trying reboots, etc.  It so far has resulted in reducing the freeze slightly so that I can turn off the program from the screen's X box.  Still working on it.  See what you can do.

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            lrowney Level 1


            Thank you for the information I have tried this and it appears to be working fine now.