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    SWF movies are not animated when the file's opened directly.


      Firstly, although I've been using Flash on and off for years (since CS3) I don't use it very often so I apologise if my issue seems simplistic!


      Basically, I used Flash CS3 for a few years to create basic animations for clients, involving simple scrolling text, without any problems.  Recently I upgraded to the CS4 Master Suite and then CS5 Master Suite within a couple of days of each other and I now need to use Flash to make a change to an old animation.  When I opened the CS3 file it appears as expected and I made the changes to the text (changing a word or two within a line of type).


      When I right clicked on the type relevant frames within the timeline I noticed that there is now more than one version of tween available, and that classic tween was already selected (I think I better buy a new teach yourself Flash CS5 book!)


      Anyway, that was allI needed to do so I initially pressed return and the text scrolled across the stage as expected.  But when I clicked on CONTROL / TEST MOVIE / TEST (or cmd+Return on my Mac) the SWF file that appears is static and the text does not scroll at all.  If I publish the movie using Actionscript 3 or 2 the resulting SWF file is also totally static.  But if I drop the SWF file into the relevant website folder and view it through Dreamweaver's browser view facility it works perfectly and scrolls just as expected.  Equally, opening it using the Opera browser works too.


      I've tried altering the CS3 file and testing the movie in Flash CS4 and Flash CS5 but the same thing happens.  It's a bit time wasting and inefficient wanting to test an animation as a SWF file by double clicking on it and only being shown a static image.  Is this a well known problem as I couldn't find any mention of it during my search?


      Thanks for reading and I'd really appreciate help resolving this issue.