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    What is the procedure for logging a Bug in AIR?


      I believe that a bug exists in AIR v1.0 when running a SWF created using ActionScript 2 (for FlashPlayer 8) - what is the process for reporting it or getting it fixed?

      This is a serious problem for my customer, as they are presently stuck to using AIR Beta 3 (which will expire)

      The AIR App that was working under FlexBuilder3 Beta 2 & Beta 3.

      In AIR v1, I now get an error during debug:

      ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property __OnEnterFrameBeacon on _main_mx_managers_SystemManager.

      It happens after button click in the SWF (loaded by SWFLoader)

      After I get this error, The SWF seems to 'lose itself', i.e. the screen goes a bit 'haywire'' (both running in debug and as an installed AIR Application). If I run the SWF without AIR it works fine