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    enlarging stage size from the center

    clangton Level 1

      I have an older project that uses 640 x 480 movie size. I want to change it to a larger size like 800 x 600. The problem in when I change the movie size, all action is no longer centered.

      Is there anyw ay I can change the movie size so my center point stays the same. In other words, the stage uses my old center point as the reference and all old action stays centered?

      I dont need to change any of the sprite sizes, only the stage.


      Thanks for your help.



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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          you can select all items on the timeline  ( crtl+a) and move them by shift-clicking the up-down-left-right-keys by 10points/click or only this keys by 1 point/click.

          That moves all items, not onle the ones that are visible on the current frame.




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            clangton Level 1

            The only problem is that I have over 200 movies in the project. I tried just the approach you are suggesting but often moving all sprites was a slow and jerky process. Its also not accurate. The best thing would be to just change the stage size relative to the old center registration point. But the movie size wont allow me to do that. It just change the x and y axis positions.


            Surely there must be some way in Lingo to change the stage size and have it be centered where you want? I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wants to upgrade their old movies to the new larger screens.


            Any other odeas?



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              Sure, there's probably code you could write, but that would be something you would have to write for your situation. You could probably search here or the Direct-L list to see if anyone in the past has asked a similar question or come up with a solution to a similar problem.

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                Production Monkey Level 3

                Here's a movie script that is hard coded to adjust the sprite locations. I just wrote it, so it is not thoroughly tested. Try it on copies of your movies.


                  Paste the following code in a Movie script. For each movie change the stage size to 800x600 and then type "fixScore()" and enter in the message window. Everything should be shifted correctly.



                -- Movie Script


                on fixScore


                  w = (800 - 640) / 2   -- width offset

                  h = (600 - 480) / 2   -- height offset

                  spOffSet = point(w,h) -- how much to adjust sprite loc.

                  TopSp = _movie.lastchannel

                  LastFrame = _movie.lastFrame




                  -- examine every frame in the movie

                  repeat with FrameNum = 1 to LastFrame


                    -- examine every sprite in every frame of the movie

                    repeat with SpNum = 1 to TopSp

                      sp = sprite(SpNum)

                      if sp.member <> (member 0 of castLib 0) then --  only adjust sprites with members

                       sp.loc = sp.loc + spOffSet  -- found sprite that needs location changed

                      end if

                    end repeat


                  end repeat



                end fixScore