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    font problem in import and link

    luviola10 Level 1

      I'm using RH8 and have a problem with a Word doc I linked.In a numbered list, NumberList2, the font reverts to Times New Roman from Arial 10pt. I attach a pic. I've tried reapplying the style, linking again and again and it's very stubborn. Is there a fix?


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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



          If this is a Linked Word Document, Try going to File>Project Settings >Next and Click on Edit for Word Document conversion Settings, and


          Select Edit and it would prompt you with all avauilable tags along with their Appearance, Example in Word and Robohelp.


          Check your tag in the List and Select "Source " in Drop Down of RoboHelp Style.




          And try to Select that and observe if the Appearnace or Style is imporved.


          Alternately, if you want you can import the Word Doccument and its assocaiated CSS file would be imported too and you can make changes directly to CSS and reapply them.




          Anjaneai Srivastava

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            luviola10 Level 1

            thank you, Anjaneai.

            Gloria Ryan