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    Phantom Menace Lightsabers - Sorry to bring....


      Rick, this is mainly for you to read. Sorry for bringing this up again


      I've done a lot of experimenting with the effect, and I've discovered that....


                     (Fast Blur)


      Yellow Solid  10px    Darken

      White Solid   80px    Add

      Blue Solid     80px    Lighten or Screen

      Blue Solid     40px    Lighten or Screen

      Blue Solid     20px    Lighten or Screen

      Blue Solid    10px     Lighten or Screen

      White Solid   5px      Add


      ....works nicely.


      Blue's opposite colour is yellow, and setting this to darken gives the core the tint that I think ILM's TPM sabers had. Some people say this is just DVD compression, but that's just rubbish.


      What are your thoughts Rick?