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    Will AEC ( Acoustic Echo Cancellation ) work in an SWF App that runs inside of an AIR app?

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      I was forwarded here in hopes of better understanding the architecture of Flash Player within the AIR environment.


      1) Woulda SWF App compiled to target FP10.3 run in an AIR App that targets FP 9.0 and AIR 2.7?

      * Would FP10.3 specific features work correctly within the AIR app since all the work is happening in the SWF app?

      * Assumption: The user has AIR runtime 3.1 installed( which I assume embeds FP 11 )



      * App #1 => is a swf app that targets FP10.3 + LCCS v2.2.0 ( FP 10.3 )

      * App #2 => AIR 2.7 app that target FP 9.0


      Execution Flow:

      * App #2 creates an HTML view, loads the "App #1" within itself and runs it.


      Will the App #1 have AEC working and/or any FP10.3 specific behavior ? Is it OK that the container AIR app is not be targeting FP10.3 ?



      Alex G.


      PS Original post came from: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/927781