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    How to version Online Help not using source control?

    Tech Doc Girl

      Hello all!


      We just delivered the first version of our Online Help using RoboHelp9. All of our files are stored on our network and I'm wondering what the best way is to start documenting for the new release. Do we just make a copy of the files and create a new folder?


      I'm also wondering how it would be possible to make a change in one place that could be applied to multiple, selected versions. For example, if a defect is fixed in our enterprise software in version 2.1 and current, is it possible to make the change in version 2.1 of the RoboHelp files and also have it apply to the most recent version?


      I'm trying to avoid a lot of copying and pasting, especially since our network is pretty slow.


      How would this work with a source control? If the solution is more elegant, I'd be happy to look into getting our files into some sort of source control.


      Thanks in advance!