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    Can the folder C:\Windows\Cache\Adobe Reader 6 and the files it contains simpley be deleted?


      My daughter is running Adobe Reader 9.4.5 and Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X
      on a Dell Dimension 4400 system with
      Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 Service Pack 3.


      During a full system backup using Seagate DiskWizard version 11.0.8326
      each time folder C:\Windows\Cache\Adobe Reader 6
      is accessed the pc freezes with the Blue Screen error
      (0x00000166, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804E5443).


      Each time the Adobe Reader 6 folder is opened manually, the system presents a spinning
      CD icon superimposed on the cursor and attempts to access the CD drive.
      The access ultimately fails since there is no CD loaded because there is no intent to install
      anything at the moment.

      Through a manual process of backing up each of the the files in the Adobe Reader 6 folder

      individually, one at a time, I strongly suspect the problem file to be instmsiw.exe.


      Can the folder C:\Windows\Cache\Adobe Reader 6 and the files it contains simpley be deleted? 
      Are there any registry entries or issues that must be addressed before deleting these files?
      What is the best way to free up space on the C drive that is apparently being occupied by
      files left over from the install of a prior version of Adobe Reader?


      The folder C:\Windows\Cache\Adobe Reader 6 contains the following files:
      0x0409.ini                        5KB          Configuration Settings        2/18/2003
      abcpy.ini                          2KB          Configuration Settings        3/24/2003
      Adobe Reader 6.0.msi      2198KB     Windows Installer               5/19/2003
      Data1.cab                       23334KB    WinZip file                         5/19/2003
      instmsia.exe                   1669KB      Application                        3/11/2002
      instmsiw.exe                  1780KB      Application                        3/11/2002
      Rdr60ENU.itw                 16KB          ITW file                            5/11/2003
      Rdr60ENU.mst               4KB            MST file                           4/16/2003
      Setup.exe                      212KB        Application                        5/19/2003
      Setup.ini                        2KB            Configuration Settings        5/19/2003

      Thank you for any assistance you can provide.