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    Single Click registers as Double Click

    FuelMe Level 1

      Hi guys, my current issue is a bit hard to explain but here goes:...

      In CS 5.5 I now have an issue where a single mouse click is often registered as a double-click. This means if, for example, if I single-click on a clip that is placed on the timeline to select it and want to drag or trim, Premiere registers it as a double click and opens up the clip in a Source Monitor. This gets old really fast. There are a lot of other instances where Premiere does this and I need it to stop.

      I'm suspecting a possible issue with the graphic card (GTX580), however it worked flawlessly, no mods or driver changes have been done.

      I played around with the Windows mouse settings hoping it would fix it, but to no avail. I tried different mice, from a cabled cheap Dell mouse to a wireless Microsoft mouse. No changes. Restarts or creating new Projects didn't help. No new peripherals have been added, and no upgrades or registry changes have been made.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you


      Win 7 Pro

      Core i7 980X  (not overclocked)

      24 GB 1333 Mhz Memory

      GTX 580

      120 GB SSD - Boot

      400 GB Velociraptor - Caches

      1 TB WD Cav Black - Sources

      1 TB WD Cav Black - Finished Work

      60 GB SSD - Projects/Swap