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    Getting track information from an MP4 live stream in OSMF

    nerdromancer Level 1

      Hello! I have been reading over Adobe's documentation and examples of using the OSMF framework to build a streaming audio player in Flash, but I haven't seen a way to get track information from the live stream. I really only need track title and artist, which the stream provider assures me is being tranmitted for me to grab.


      Here are my details:


      - Client is using FMS to stream live radio broadcasts using an f4m manifest that contains a single mp4 live stream (audio only)

      - I've set up the player as it is now using OSMF's MediaPlayer with an attached MediaElement

      - I'm compiling with SDK 4.5.1 for Flash 10.2


      I've Googled every combination of key words I could come up with over the last few weeks, and have read many Adobe PDFs on OSMF, and have come up empty handed. Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.