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    Export Filters - Video Handling?

    areohbee Level 6

      I can't seem to get access to exported video files from an export filter - anybody know if its possible?

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          DawMatt Level 3

          Hi Rob,


          It isn't possible, and I verified this with Adobe when I tried it almost a year ago.


          I did try to work around the limitation by starting with the same input "photos" as the export but there were a some fatal flaws with this approach:

          • the only logical place to work with this information was before the files were written to disk, and the expected names were not available at this time.
          • if the user adds a filter to exclude videos that could have been exported, your plugin will never know about it and the videos that have been excluded
          • only certain file naming presets allow you to guess the name the files will be assigned by the export. Any naming using a sequence number (for example) makes working with video at the time of export impossible.

          Users would keep tripping over these issues and any plugin using this approach won't be fun to support.



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