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    Export mobile project - error


      Hi, I created simple mobile application in Flash Builder 4.5 Trial edition, but I have a problem with export

      to the my Android tablet (Samsung galaxy tab). In menu - Export release builder in first window I choose


      - in combobox I selected my project


      In checkboxes  - I selected GoogleAndroid

      Export to folder - c:/MyProjects

      Base filename - MyApp



      In RadioButtons I selected - Signed packages for each target platform



      in second window


      Digital Signature tab - I selected my certificate and put password for this.


      Package Contents tab - I selected only required values


      Deployment tab - I selected Install and launch application on any connected devices



      After I click on finish button, flash builder rebuild my project and I can see this error massage


      "Error occurred while packaging the application

      The path MyProjectname is restricted. Choose another name for this file"



      I tried deselect  Install and launch application on any connected devices, choose Base filename, but without any

      good result. Have I any settings wrong or trial version cannot export project to the platform app?

      Thanks a lot