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    Adobe 10.1.1 Mystery Quit


      When using Adobe 10.1.1, the program is instantly quitting without an error message when I try to access any of the menu items such as File -> Properties or File -> Print.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem and are able to help me to fix it?
      Kind Regards, NH.

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          Adobe has a recent(2012-01-09)KB article http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/860/cpsid_86063.html entitled "Protected Mode troubleshooting". There is a similar article (2011-09-12) http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/901/cpsid_90161.html entitled Protected View troubleshooting. Take a look at these articles.


          It seems that this "cure" solves many Adobe Reader X issues:


          I have had issues with Adobe Reader X hanging (not responding) due to a conflict between an antivirus program and the Adobe Reader X Protected Mode/Protected Viewer sandbox features.

          khwajakhurram replied to my query suggesting unchecking the default Adobe Reader X Preferences >3D & Multimedia> "Enable hardware rendering for legacy video cards" setting and this solves the issues! 


          What is surprising is that Adobe Reader X's 3D & Multimedia settings report that the alternative preferred renderer modes are either software or DirectX9 .....on a Vista machine with DirectX11.


          The video card on this machine is definitely not legacy but a recent quality Nvidia produced card. That is also the case on the other machines with the issue I have reported.


          I went a step further and I have found that performance is vastly improved by changing from the default preferred renderer mode of DirectX9 to the alternative Software setting. 


          http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/860/cpsid_86063.html mentions that "certain configurations of anti-virus software that have not yet white-listed AcroRd32.exe" are "Unsupported configurations for Reader running in Protected Mode". Therefore I have also excluded AcroRd32.exe from virus scanning.


          I am now able to use both Adobe Reader X's Protected Mode and Advanced Security without issue and performance is vastly improved. I am certain that your issues will also be solved.


          notafan777 suggested that the problems are due to a legacy of sloppy code and this certainly seems to be the case here with these very odd default settings influencing performance to such an extent.