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    No output from Reader X text to speech "read out loud"


      I have Adobe Reader X running on Windows 7 and am trying to use the "read out loud" feature, but I am not getting any output. 


      Microsoft text to speech is working for other applications, e.g. Control panel => Speech recognition => Text to speech tab => Preview voice produces the expected output as do other text to speech programs such as Natural Reader.


      In Reader X,  I open a document (e.g. http://www.adobe.com/accessibility/pdfs/accessing-pdf-sr.pdf), then I go to View => Read Out Loud => Read to End of Document, but I get no sound output.  The Reader appears to behave as if it was reading out loud, e.g. the "Pause" and "Stop" options on View => Read Out Loud are no longer grayed out, and if I click "Pause" it changes to "Resume".


      Any suggestions?