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    New workstation - what to keep and what to buy?

    Moxtelling Level 1



      At last I´m about to buy a whole new workstation. I mainly eidt AVCHD files from my Panasonic HMC 151.

      My 2 year "old" PC is a i7 920 with 12 GB ram and 2 X 1,5 TB harddisks (SATA/3 GB/s). I bought a FX 3800 graphics card to upgrade the PC.

      I have thought about just upgrading to fx i7 970, but I have other issues besides from CPU speed. I´m getting tired of slow editting, noisy fans and powersupply, bad playback (hacks and stuttering), mysterious hangs and crashes inside PPro CS5 etc. and do not know if I should just buy a brand new Workstation or maybe try to keep some of the best things from my old PC and put it into the new one?


      What I am looking at right now is the following. I guess it will give me a boost in perfromance, be more noiseless because heat is not as big an issue:


      Intel® Core™ i7-2600 4x3,40GHz (Turbo 3.80GHz)

      Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard

      Kingston 16GB DDR3-1333 RAM (maybe 24 GB if possible - might be HyperX and 1600)

      nVidida Quadro 2000

      2 x Seagate 3,5'' 2TB 64mb 7200rpm SATA3 6Gb/s - model number ST32000641AS - in RAID? Which one?

      Maybe a Kingston Hyperx 120GB SSD Sata3 (Solid State Disk)  for system? Worth the money - or should I waiut and see if its fast enough allready?


      I´m in doubt if I should keep the quadro Pro 2000, use my almost new 1000$ FX3800 and save some money or maybe downgrade the 2000 Pro with e GTX 570 and use the FX 3800 in my old PC as a spare system? I could also downgrade even more to a GTX 550 and then put that card in my old PC and my FX 3800 into the new workstation?


      I´m also in doubt wich harddisks to choose - are , wich RAID and if I should use SSD for system or not?


      Basicly all I need (and want) is a system with an acceptable noisellevel (> 25-30 db would be nice) and wich is able to give me a smooth and funny videoeditting experience.


      Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thx in advance guys!



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          Scott Chichelli Level 3

          dump the quadro its very slow get a 470.

          SSD as an OS will not improve your performance, it does make windows a tad snappier and considering the cost of HDDs right now $70 more is not all that bad for an SSD Crucial M4 is what i would recommend if you do. (not a sanforce drive)

          16 or 32gig is the correct ram count not 24


          2x 2 drive raid 0 would be better as you dont want to read and write from the same drive..


          however since you already have an X58 subsystem i would consider the 980 (not X) and over clock it.. (then 24gig is correct on that subsystem.)




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            Moxtelling Level 1

            Hi Scott


            Thank you for quick reply ;-)


            So you think I should drop my FX 3800 or??? What about the GTX 570? It is not very expensive and is supported by Adobe as i recall it?


            Sorry about the RAM confussion - you are right - I did forget I was talking about a new MOBO.


            I have thought about the 980, but I think it vwill be to noisy for me - and it is quite expenssive as well. What would be the benefits from choosing the 980 over the i7-2600? I guess the number of cores?


            Finally - wich HDD shuold I choose - I´m not to much into RAID - had some very bad experiences with that in the late 90´es and have not yet recovered from the loss ;-(

            How would you do if you should make a RAID +0 setup - and think about heat and noise - i think HDDs are noisy - the quicker the noiser - or am I all wrong here?


            Thx again!



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              Scott Chichelli Level 3

              sorry i meant 570.. its quieter than a 470


              the cost of a new board,ram and cpu is about the same as keeping your X58 and adding ram and cpu

              the 980 is like $600ish plus you dont have to reinstall windows.

              the 980 with a quiet heatsink fan would be the same noise level as a 2600, and OCed would be the same.


              raid is nothing to fear if you back up, you need to back up with non raid drives as well.

              standard 7200 prm drives, segate, wd etc i prefer seagate as they are the quietest samsung are also pretty quiet.

              HDDs are the loudest thing in a system for the most part however when hitting the GPU heavy it will ramp up fan noise and be louder than any HDD.


              best thing to do is use noise cancelling foam