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    Data Merge ID CS5


      Hi Everyone,


      I am having a problem with ID Data Merge.


      I am designing our new Fixtures booklet A5 for my Golf Club and I would like to automate the process.


      My excel spreadsheet is set up as follows (csv file)



      MonthRound 1
      Monday, 9 January 2012Stroke & Putting
      Monday, 16 January 2012Stableford-N/Pin  8 & 11
      Monday, 23 January 2012Stroke & Novelty  9 & 18
      Monday, 30 January 2012Stableford-N/Pin  8 & 11

      When I use Data merge in ID all I get is the first line i.e. January     Game how do I get the information to follow on?

      Thanks in advance for any help.


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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          When you start the merge, under the Records tab > Records to merge, do you have single record or a specified range selected?

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            Wali60 Level 1

            Hi Jeffrey,


            Thank you for your reponse, no I didn't have multiple records checked but after checking multiple records datamerge places each day on a separate page.


            Any ideas?



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Data Merge is finicky when doing multiple record merges. You must use EXACTLY ONE set of field placeholders and leave the rest of the page blank so ID can duplicate the records according to the spacing you set up. Keep in mind that ID ID is going to duplicate everything, even stray marks, so you want to set up in such a way that the bounding box surrounding everything on the page actually small enough to fit multiple times. It often helps if you draw some guides to establish the grid, then lay out everything in the upper left position, and finally draw a no-fill/no-stroke frame around it that snaps to the surrounding guides and group everything. This allows you to set your spacings to 0 and know that the finished merge will follow the grid.

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                Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

                Is the OP trying to get the records so that all the results flow into the one text box? e.g. in microsoft word, there is  the ability to merge to a catalogue, which WOULD allow:


                <time> <event>

                <nextrecord><time> <event>

                <nextrecord><time> <event>...


                and so on.


                that won't work in indesign... without a third party plug-in at least - it won't work with indesign "off the shelf".


                the way data  merge works in indesign is it "plops" data where its told to. if a textbox has the fields:


                <time> <event>


                record one may look like:

                monday, 16 january     19th hole


                but that's it. record two may look like:

                tuesday, 17 january     hangover


                but getting the two records together (e.g. so the next record is directly underneath) won't happen in data merge using indesign.


                indesign CAN do multiple records - don't misunderstand me, BUT it won't put them into the same text box. during the data merge output, the option to make multiple records literally steps and repeats whatever indesign sees on the page and "steps and repeats" it according to values based in the rows and columns of that dialog box AND the size of all items currently on the indesign page which have to be repated (so if everything is selected on the page, it will duplicate from the top left item to the bottom right item).


                HOWEVER, i think an alternative would be an XML based solution, but the learning curve is steep. It will put all the repeating data in the same text frame though. no really good resources out there devoted to both XML and indesign except for a book called "A Designer's Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML" by James J Maivald.

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                  Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                  There are two aspects of Records in datamerge.


                  The first: Records to Merge pertains to selecting what info from the data source you would like to use in the merge. A row in your spread sheet = a record, and you can select all, one, or a range of records.


                  The second: Records per Document Page: either single or multiple. This pertains to the process after ID populates the variable fields. Each collection of data is considered a record, and one record can be place on one page. Or many records placed on one page.


                  My question was in regards to Records to Merge which in your situation, a single record could have been selected, preventing any additional records to be merged.


                  An additional thought... In the event that all records was selected and only one record was merged... A lot of times the data source may contain a bogus character that prevents data merges from happening. Inspect the raw .csv file and see if there are any suspected characters. Also, try a .txt file for the data source.