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    After Effect CS 5 layer glitch?


      Hey all,

      first of all, i'm new here and i'm not a pro adobe user so please bear with me!

      I have been working on this project for over a year in after effects. It contains more than 1300 layers and has always worked perfectly, untill now.

      For no appearant reason, suddenly after effects is glitching with my layers, especially the 'last' ones ( the ones completely at the buttom).

      All layers are 2D, there is no 3D layer to be found.

      I recon it has something to do with after effects naming the layers past the first 1000 exactly the same? Strange thing is that i have been working like this for over a month and it never glitched untill now ...

      I cant select my layers, and when i try it jumps back to the middle of my comp and all layers 'dissapear'. It still shows in the above right corner the correct layer but it is imposible to work with correctly ...

      Hope you understand my ramblings! Anyone know any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!