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    InDesign CS3 plug-ins and update problems


      Hi I have Creative Suite installed on my Windows XP PC and have used Photoshop, Illustrator and Professional regularly. Now I want to learn how to use InDesign CS3 and have purchased the Classroom in a Book for CS3 to do so, but when I tried to open the lessons I keep getting the following:


      Cannot open file     InDesign Content Manager      Cannot open "Tour.indd" (or "01_a.indd"). Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe InDesign.


      Now I can't afford to buy CS5.5, so how do I upgrade my plug-ins?  There is no list of plug-ins that need upgrading shown, so do they all need upgrading?


      I then thought that as I hadn't actually used InDesign CS3 that it may be an update problem, so I downloaded all the updates I could find on the Adobe website, but only one installed. These are:


      InDesign CS 3.01 (CS2 Compatibility update) (April 2005) - IDCS301en.exe (installed OK)

      InDesign CS3 Digital Editions Export update (May 2007) - xhtml_for_digital_editions_1_0_1.zip (Got a Forbidden message)

      InDesign CS3 5.01 update (Sept 2007) - IDCS3_Updater_Release(1).exe (Downloaded OK, but won't install)

      InDesign CS3 5.02 update (Jan 2008) - IDCS3_Updater_Release.exe (Downloaded OK, but won't install)

      InDesign CS3 5.03 update (July 2008) - indesign_5_0_3.exe (Downloaded OK, but won't install)

      InDesign CS3 5.04 update (Oct 2008) - indesign_5_0_4.exe (Downloaded OK, but won't install)


      Any suggestions as to what I should be doing?


      Many thanks for your time