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      Hello - Have a question regarding Contribute and FTP. We are in the process of switching over to Contribute/Dreamweaver from Frontpage. So this is all very new to me. I have some questions regarding setting up a website connection. I can do it fine with a drive mapping to the staging server, but I think I would rather not set it up this way since we have 30+ websites and I would then need 30+ drive mappings. So I am looking into setting up the sites via FTP. Our server is IIS 6, and I have created an FTP site on the IIS server, pointing it to the local folder where the website files are. Is there any documenation from Adobe on setting up FTP within Contribute? I realize this is a Microsoft thing but usually the vendor of the product you are using it with also has some step by steps on how to do this. Where I am currently stuck is in Contribute, I need to add the FTP info. Easy enough. But on the second step, where it asks me to select a folder, I am confused as to what it needs here. If I leave it as is, and choose Next, I receive an error. See third screen shot.