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    Ability to leave out "Show me in Photoshop"

    ericb007man Level 1

      This is an amazing program. Thanks. However, I would find it much more useful if I could just have an RTF document that I could copy and paste into my blog and worksheets. Also, I would like to the option to not have "Show me in Photoshop". I want to make tutorials that do not require the Tutorial Player or an iPad. Is there a way to do these things?

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          Mira D Adobe Employee

          Hi Eric,


          This is a good suggestion. We will put it on our todo list. You should be able to get most of what you need through the copy/paste functionality in your browser. If you select the text, do Edit>Copy to copy from the browser, and then paste into TextEdit, you should get just the text. You can manually delete any text you don't want. Let me know if this works for you.