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    Hard drive setup for CS5.5

    smileybkw Level 1

      Okay, finished a new build:


      Intel Core i7 2600K processor

      Asus P8Z68-V motherboard

      Corsair 16 GB memory

      Zotac GTX560 video card

      OCZtech 60 GB SSD boot drive

      2x Hitachi 1.5 TB 7200 hard drives

      LG blu-ray burner


      So the question is about the hard drive setup.  Boot drive is pretty basic, with Windows 7 pro, CS5.5, firefox, and MS Office about the only things installed.  So, two questions:


      1. How do I change the boot drive so that things like "My Documents" is put on the D: or E: drive rather than the C boot drive?  Is it a Windows thing or do changes need to be made within Office or Firefox?


      2. How do I set up the two extra hard drives for Premier?  The IT guy combined the two drives into one partition, which kindof defeats the point of having two drives, right?  So we need to split those back out so there's a D & E drive and then I designate within Premier that the media cache and previews goes on one, and the storage & media & projects goes on the other?  Do I need to do that within all the separate programs -- After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, etc. -- or can it be done all at once?


      Thanks for any help!