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    Programmatically modifying policy protected document

    Landim, Arthur Level 1


      I was playing around with adobe portable protection library (Adobe PPL) and policy protected documents. I could protect documents with policies, also unlock policy protected document in order to obtain the original file.

      But I would like to modify a policy protected file.


      I tried to use the method unProtectDoc to obtain a unlock version of the document


      virtual void PPKPackager::unProtectDoc(PPKPublisherPtr publisher,

      const std::string outFileName = "",

      bool shouldLogEvent = true

      [pure virtual]


      virtual void PPKPackager::protectDoc(PPKPublisherPtr publisher,

      const std::string policyId,

      const std::string docName,

      const std::string outFileName = ""

      [pure virtual]


      And after I modified the file I tried to protect the file again with the same name and same policyId using the protectDoc method, but Livecycle Server created another instance of that file at EDC (like a new file).



      The goal was to modify a policy protected file and keep the protection after the modification without create another file instance at EDC.


      The Adobe Portable Protection Library is the best approach to accomplish this behavior?

      If not, what do I do?


      PS: I used the PPKSample project to test this behavior.