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    cannot print a PDF


      When i try to print a PDF it freezes the cursor and computer at the point when the printer starts to show its progress. I then have to force a shut down. , At times I see a message that says: page not selected.

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          Xircal Level 3

          I suggest the following:


          1. Click "File" and choose "Print Setup". 
          2. Check to make sure that "A4" is selected (if that's the paper size you're using).
          3. Then click the "Properties" button. This should take you to your printer setup. it will depend on which printer you have as to the menu layout, but you should be able to see a tab called "Page Setup" or something similar.
          4. Check to see what's been configured. Ideally, you want "Portrait" and "Normal size printing".
          5. If all appears to be well, go to "File" and then "Print". This should display a picture of what you're about to print together with the settings which have been enabled. I suggest you checkmark "Current Page" which will just print the first page.
          6. If it appears smudged or distorted, there should be a "Maintenance" tab as described in step #3. In there, there should be one or two cleaning options.
          7. After you clean the heads, try printing a page again.
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            onebluerose Level 1

            Thank-you for your help, but I can print any other document just fine, it

            is only a PDF format that when I try to print, it shows the doc to print

            and looks like it is going to print then the cursor and computer freeze. a

            few times I got a message that said "no page selected to print". This all

            happened suddenly, it may have happened after an Adobe update, but when the

            computer freezes i need to force a shutdown, it then reverts back to where

            the computer worked correctly, but it does not fix the problem. I would

            appreciate any help, THANK-YOU!

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              Xircal Level 3

              Try using the suggestion in this doc: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/873/cpsid_87346.html